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Sofy Anti-Bacteria Sanitary Pad - Extra-Long, Prevents Leakage, Slim, 28 Pcs Pouch

Unicharm’s feminine hygiene brand Sofy has been active in the industry since early 60s and has spread across a lot of countries. From manufacturing products for period days to advanced technology products for non-period days, Sofy sells top-quality sanitary napkins, tampons and pantyliners for women all around the world. In a nutshell, Sofy ensures hygiene, safety, good health and worry-free chums. Origin of the name “Sofy” has the meaning of “Sophisticated” and “Soft-hearted“. Sofy presents these high utility anti-bacterial sanitary pads. Extra long pads with wings for a secure fit and designed with high absorbency to prevent leakage. Perfect and the most comfortable option for ladies. This Napkin gives you freedom from leakage even on your heavy days. Because it has additional “DEEP ABSORBENT SHEET” that absorbs flow till the last layer which keeps the top sheet visibly cleaner and hence prevents leakage. So you can fearlessly chase your dreams & aspirations.

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